Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Golden Globe Nominations are Released

Yes I know I haven't posed in months...I wish I had an excuse but its really just laziness, and the fact that I work and am getting an MBA, but mostly just the laziness...

The 2011 Golden Globe Nominees have been announced and you can see the full list here.  As usual, the list has some winners and some (this year HUGE) losers.  My most favoritest and least favoritest nominees can be seen after the jump.

And yes I comment on movies that I haven't reviewed yet, but I've seen the majority of them, full reviews will be coming in the upcoming weeks when I stop being a slob.

I'm just sticking to the movie nominations here because I haven't seen the vast majority of the TV shows nominated.


Category: Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
Everyone saw this movie and everyone loved, so why not nominate it?  Crude humor movies often get overlooked by Bridesmaids was the surprise hit of the year and it deserves some credit.  Although I'm sure this is the last major credit it will be getting because no way will the Academy be nominating it for anything.

Category: Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
I had never heard of her prior to seeing the movie but she was the bright spot in what I thought was an enjoyable, albeit overhyped and overrated, movie.  You knew Clooney would get a nomination because they nominate him for everything he does, but glad to see the lesser known actress get rewarded as well.  Clearly this year's Hailee Steinfeld

Category: Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
I stated in my original review of Drive that I loved Brooks's performance, and glad to see the HFPA does as well.  I love when an actor plays a role that is out of character, and Brooks does it beautifully in this film.  Very surprised to see this at the only nomination for Drive though as I thought it would get some kind of nod for the music and maybe even one for Best Picture. 

Honestly there are a ton of these on the list but I'll limit my whining to three.

Category: Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy Or Musical (Crazy, Stupid, Love); Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama (The Ides of March)
I really just don't understand how we got this point with Ryan Gosling.  He has become the Hollywood It boy and he gets praise for everything he does, and yet I have no idea why.  I'm not saying he is terrible, but he does nothing outstanding in any roles (especially not in the two roles he is nominated for) and yet he continues to rake in nominations.  But then again, I think Brad Pitt is all that great either and he got nominated for two awards as well so I think I'm just missing something.

Category: Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Actually I want to put every nomination for Moneyball  on this list but we will just stick with this one.  Earlier I stated that I like when someone plays a role that is out of character.  In Moneyball , Jonah Hill plays a very laid back character, which is far different than his usual loud mouth persona.  It doesn't work, and his presence in the movie just added the list of problems with the film.  He was by no means awful in the film, but there is simply no way his performance was one of the five best of the year.  Zero percent chance he gets nominated in the same category in February...

Category: Best Animated Feature Film
I honestly never even saw the movie, but I never want to because the first one wasn't good and the second one looked even worse.  If this film had been released by any studio other than Pixar it would not have been nominated.  But it was released by Pixar, so it will probably win.  This is another example of studios and/or people that get praise before the movie is even out (See Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, John Williams, Kate Winslet).

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