Friday, September 16, 2011

Name that Movie Poster

If you're a super hip young man such as myself then you are probably spending your Friday night in a similar way to myself; shirtless, eating raw cookie dough, drinking Amp Energy Drinks (despite no intention of moving farther than the distance between the toilet, the fridge, and the couch), trying to act like you don't have a boatload of MBA readings to do, waiting for your stomach to settle from the two pounds of enchiladas you just ate so you can focus on Arthur which you rented from your local Redbox due to lack of other options, and wasting time on Sporcle.

If you fit that description then (1) congratulations and (2) try to beat my scores in the Movie Poster Sporcle games:

Category (My Score)

Total (168/192) (87.5%)

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