Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Our Idiot Brother

In Short:
Paul Rudd delights in this clash-of-cultures comedy that proves that even those with the best intentions can run into crappy situations


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 My Ramblings:
Our Idiot Brother started to get some buzz after it showed at some film festivals, and between the early buzz and the star studded cast I knew it was a must see.  After the early buzz, excitement for the movie seemed to die down, hence a meager $7.0 million opening weekend.  This movie falls into that mysterious categories of movies that has good reviews (68% on RT), a cast full of names people know, and an intriguing plot, but just doesn't do well at the box office.  I'll never quite understand it, and that is most likely while I'll never get a marketing job at a major movie studio (well that and my complete lack of qualifications).

The film tells the story of a lifelong hippy (Paul Rudd) who looks for the best in everyone, but only seems to find the worst.  For example, the opening scene (which can be seen in the trailer, so no spoiler alert) features Rudd selling some weed to a cop after the cop pulls at Rudd's heart strings...and Rudd ends up in prison.  The movie is full of such events in which Rudd's hippy ideal, that everyone is trustworthy and has a heart of gold, bites him in the ass.  Rudd gets out of prison and is forced to house jump between the houses of his mother and his three sisters, and the audiences observes the trouble he inadvertently causes at each locale.

Paul Rudd is likeable, as usual, and the interactions between his character and his crew of sisters (Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschenal, Emily Mortimer) is hilarious.  The premise of the film feels a little too familiar and always frustrates me a little bit (The Big Lebowski, Pineapple Express); stoner gets high, trouble ensues, yet everything works out.  That is just me being overly critical, but this film overcomes the much used premise and between Paul Rudd and the fast moving plot you will leave the theater satisfied.


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