Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Friends with Benefits

In Short:
Surprisingly funny romantic comedy that overcomes the predictable plot with likeable characters and a superstar performance by Woody Harrelson


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 My Ramblings:
I really didn't come in to this one expecting too much.  No Strings Attached came out pretty recently, I've never liked Justin Timberlake too much as an actor, and the plot didn't exactly look Best Screenplay worthy.  But much to my surprise, the movie was pretty damn funny.  Most unforeseen element was Woody Harrelson's presence, and the fact that he plays a homosexual sports writer who steals most scenes he is in.

Dylan (JT) plays a small time blogger who gets recruited by a head hunter (Mila Kunis) to come work for GQ.  Los Angeles has been home for Dylan, but Mila convinces him to move to New York and take the slightly more lavish job at GQ.  The two become friends, and after discussing their disinterest in any serious relationship with the opposite sex, they decide to become friends with benefits (boom, title drop).  They try to keep it simple, but it isn't, and the remainder of the film watches this should-we-or-shouldn't-we play its way out.

The movie suffers from most of the typical romantic comedy clich├ęs (predictable plot, oh-so-perfect guys and girls, over the top romantic gestures) but the characters somehow remain likeable and by the end of the movie you actually care what happens to them.  Tons of awesome cameos (Harrelson, Jason Segel, Emma Stone, Andy Samberg) keep the laughs coming and the end product is enjoyable.  Also, when is JT gonna make another CD?  His last one was jammed full of mega-tracks and now he seems to have retired from music?  Anyway, solid date movie and worth the cash.



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