Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Forks Over Knives

In Short:
A compelling and convincing look at the way Westerner's eat and the potentially catastrophic effects it has on our health


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My Ramblings:
Between Super Size Me, Food Inc., and Fast Food Nation, there have been plenty of movies lately pointing out how awful people's (especially American's) eating habits have become.  Forks Over Knives is the latest such movie, although it takes a slightly different angle.  Rather than simply pointing how bad fast food is for you, this movie proves how good a plant based diet can be for you.  At surface level, your reaction to this should be "well duh", but the evidence they provide is very intriguing. 

Imagine not only being able to prevent heart disease, but actually being able to reverse it.  The evidence provided in Forks Over Knives implies that this may just be possible.  The film bombards you with stats about how much more animal based foods (e.g. meats, eggs, dairy) people have been eating since the 1950's, and also how much certain chronic illnesses have increased as this consumption has increased.  They also use the Super Size Me-esque technique of having people eat a plant based diet for X days and quantifying the awesome results it produces.  The end result being you leaving the theater using Yelp! to find the nearest Whole Foods store...

As with any good documentary, it is full of stats, very convincing...and potentially very one sided.  As the stats are rattled off you can see potential flaws in them, but even the outside chance that they are true is so compelling that you just have to listen.  It's so obvious; eat better and you will be healthier.  But yet still no one does it.  I once ate Taco Bell 21 straight days.  Why?  Because it was delicious!  And because like most people, I only think of the short term satisfaction rather than the long term health effects.  After seeing this movie I would love, love, love to become a vegan, but I just know it isn't going to happen.  But hopefully it keeps my lifestyle choices in check for at least a little while, and I recommend you see the movie just on the outside chance if convinces you to make a more long term change.



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