Sunday, August 14, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Crazy, Stupid, Love

In Short:
An awesome cast carries this romantic comedy that tells the story of a recently divorced Steve Carrell and a hard pimpin' Ryan Gosling and the tumultuous path both their love lives take


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My Ramblings:
Perhaps I just missed the ads, but I really hadn't heard anything about this movie until I saw it on the Weekend Box Office list a couple of weeks ago.  But after seeing the cast and reading early reviews it just had to be seen.  Steve Carrell is hilarious and Emma Stone is quickly becoming a megastar, and you add in the rest of the supporting players and it would have taken a really awful story to mess that up.  Thankfully, Crazy, Stupid, Love  did not have one of these awful stories...

Steve Carrell plays a 40 something married man whose wife (Julianne Moore) suddenly told him she wants a divorce.  Ryan Gosling is a 20 something bachelor who picks up women with ease.  After Carrell's divorce, Gosling takes him under his wing and teaches him how to game again.  Along the way Carrell realizes that he still has some game, and Gosling finds a woman (Emma Stone) that makes him realize maybe true love isn't a myth and start to question his oft-pimping ways.  The script ties in several other side stories about love and the troubles that come along with it and, outside of the one plot involving an underage girls taking nude photos of herself (awkward), the plot all comes together beautifully in the end.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is one of those movies that you can go see with pretty much anyone and they will enjoy it.  People can play tough and act like they don't like a good love story, but when done right it is just something that has appeal to everyone.  This movie is directed splendidly, and the result is two hours that cruises by as it jumps between the several plot lines.  Go see this one with your Mom, your girlfriend, your Grandma, your mistress, or pretty much anyone else if your life because I promise you they won't be disappointed.




  1. Had its moments of real honesty but then was soon bogged into just some terrible schmaltzy moments that didn’t seem genuine at all. However, the cast helped me through a lot of the eye-rolling scenes. Good Review!

  2. Completely see what you are saying, but every rom-com is bound to have a couple of those eye rolling scenes, and glad to see this one was able to overcome them to still put out a solid end product. Thanks for the comment!