Tuesday, August 23, 2011


In Short:
Contradicting almost every review you will read, The Change-Up delights with crude and hilarious jokes and actual has an enjoyable story beneath the dick-and-fart jokes


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My Ramblings:
Upon first seeing previews for The Change-Up, I thought it looked hilarious.  Then initial reviews came out and I thought it stood little chance of sizing up to my initial expectations, and I decided it was probably a wait-for-dvd kind of movie.  Well the movie gods had other plans, because it was the only movie playing at 6:40 when I showed up at the theater tonight, so I reluctantly entered (this is playing out as quite the exciting little fairy tale).  The movie began and it was every bit as crude as the reviewers had stated, and I thought I was in for a long  105 minutes.  And then...just as I was about to give up hope and focus on the terrible burning in my mouth from an excess of butter flavored salt (yes, that really does exist), a shockingly enjoyable movie began to emerge...

Alright, enough of my shitty fairy tailing.  The Change-Up is from the writing team that brought you The Hangover, and the similarities in their style of humor are evident about 2 minutes deep.  It tells the body switching tale of a married lawyer and father of three (Jason Bateman) and a lothario stoner (Ryan Reynolds), who have been friends for years but whose lives have taken drastically different paths.  They get drunk, wish for a body swap, and awake to find their wish has come true.  Fill the plot holes with a bag full of Hangover-esque low brow jokes and some subliminal messages about being thankful for what you have, and there you have it...

Yeah the movie is formulaic, and yes it extremely immature, but I loved it!  I never saw it coming, but there were points that had me laughing out loud, and I haven't heard a theater that filled with laughter since Bridesmaids.  Bateman and Reynolds (both solid as usual) are complimented by Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann, and the latter half of the movie is, dare I say it, somewhat touching.  I think I'm overstating the quality of the movie simply because I came in with such low expectations, but sometimes that is just what it takes for a movie to be that much more enjoyable.  Along with Bridesmaids, Friends with Benefits, and Horrible Bosses, this was right up there for top comedy of the summer and I recommend you disregard it's 22% on Rotten Tomatoes and give it a chance.


Previews Before the Show:
Paranormal Activity 3 - Way, way, way too creepy looking, and I will most likely end up watching it with my eyes 95% covered throughout.  Yeah, I'm tough...

Fright Night - Already released but still showing previews, a remake of the old school vampire tale that looks pretty tolerable

What's Your Number? - Ana Faris Rom-Com; need I say more?

Tower Heist - A stacked cast (Murphy, Stiller, Broderick) attempts to rob their richest, Ponzi-scheming resident


  1. Ooof.

    That is all.

  2. I can't argue with that comment. As much as I didn't want to enjoy it, I just couldn't help it. And I must not tell a lie...hence the 7.5.