Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Midnight in Paris

In Short:
Owen Wilson is surprisingly likeable in this quirky romantic comedy which re-uses the same plot line a few too many times


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My Ramblings:
I’ve never been much for Woody Allen movies.  The dialogue tends to ramble on and the plot is usually completely average.  If you’ve ever seen Match Point, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Thankfully, Midnight in Paris did not fulfill my negative pre-dispositions about Woody.

Owen Wilson plays an about-to-be-married Hollywood screenwriter vacationing in Paris with his mega-elitist fiancĂ© played by Rachel McAdams (reuniting their Wedding Crashers fling).  Owen is working on first novel based on the Golden Age of Paris, the 1920s.  The movie looks like it is going to play as another typical Woody romantic comedy yawner, but then…BOOM! Time travel.  Owen walks the street late one night and he suddenly finds himself back in the 20’s, living in his dream era.  He meets a couple of famous historical figures, which is entertaining at first, but becomes old after about the 50th famous name is dropped.  Owen meets the lovely Marion Cotillard (Mal from Inception) while on his time travelling adventure and it appears that his dream of the perfect 1920s life may be coming true.  The story unfolds from there, in what turns out to be a mostly enjoyable 95 minutes.

Owen Wilson’s character is entertaining and the unforeseen trip back in time keeps you interested throughout.  Rachel McAdams seems a little bit miscast as the bitchy fiancĂ©, and her scenes feel a little forced.  The overuse of the historical figures gets to be a little much, but right before your about to give up the story reaches the climax and we see how It all ends up.  Pretty well done Woody, you may have convinced me to rethink my biases toward your movies.


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