Saturday, July 9, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Horrible Bosses

In Short:
A hilarious cast and a number of memorable scenes make this one of the most enjoyable comedies of 2011


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My Ramblings:
A casting agent can make or break a movie, and Horrible Bosses is a shining example of this.  The premise is a little shaky, but the incredible actors playing the workers and their respective bosses are hilarious and all fill their role perfectly. 

Three guys are working tolerable jobs, with incredibly intolerable bosses.  Over drinks they bring up the idea of offing their bosses, and the farfetched idea quickly becomes reality.  As is to be expected, the murder planning process doesn’t go too smoothly, and hilarity ensues.  The three workers (Bateman, Day (Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Sudeikis) and their jack ass bosses (Spacey, Aniston, Farrell) are each amazing in their own ways.  The film’s premise is a little bit ridiculous, and that fact could be too much for some viewers to overcome.  But each scene seems to be funnier than the last and the outcome is an amazing summer comedy.

Charile Day and Jason Sudeikis make a hilarious duo, Kevin Spacey shows he can do comedy, and apparently Jennifer Aniston has a filthier side to her vocabulary which we have never seen before.  The film starts with a couple laugh out loud moments and they continue through the final credits.  Sudeikis has been flirting with A-list status over the last couple years, and I think this movie will easily push him over the edge into stardom.  Hopefully the movie will also expose the genius of Charlie Day and get It’s Always Sunny some more viewers.


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