Friday, June 17, 2011

What Fascinated Me Today: 17 June 2011

HARRY POTTER  - J.K. Rowling, who must be the richest person on the planet at this point, is supposedly making more HP books.  Initially this excited me, but the last set of books ended well and this addition will probably not do anything to improve upon the originals.  But it’s a guaranteed extra billion for her…so why the hell not (People)

OPRAH – Oprah was on some radio show or TV show or something recently and she claims she is going to interview one Orenthal James Simpson (aka that guy that killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Gold and got away with it via Johnny Cochran) and she thinks she is going to get him to confess.  Not happening Big O, but good job keeping your name in the news (TV)

TUPAC – Some schmo (Dexter Isaac) in prison for life is claiming he had a hand in the killing of Tupac in 1994.  Probably just some lifer looking for some attention (The Boombox)

DAVE CHAPPELLE – Earlier this week there were claims that Chappelle was making a new TV show strictly for online use (e.g. Hulu, Netflix) but now it is sounding like that may not be true.  Whether he comes back or not, his two seasons of Chappelle Show remain some of the best TV to ever exist.  Although my favorite skit from the show doesn’t get a lot of hype, watch it HERE and remember how amazing that show was (PopEater)

GREEN LANTERN – I love Ryan Reynolds, but holy hell does this movie look awful.  Although I have been incredibly excited for it to open, so it can stop having its (what feels like) 5 minute trailer play before every movie I go see.  It did good in midnight showings and is looking like it will have a ~$55M opening weekend.  I don’t care, it still looks stupid (Collider)

15 MOST INTENSE MOVIE MOMENTS - Pretty cool article on Rotten Tomatoes today (RT)

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – The first teaser trailer (which is being shown before The Green Lantern) leaked online today.  Doesn’t really give you any idea of a plot line but still exciting to see anything about an upcoming Christopher Nolan movie (Inside Pulse)

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