Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: X-Men: First Class

In Short:
Mutants are back and better than (actually probably just as good) ever in this slightly too lengthy prequel


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 My Ramblings:
If you read my review of Thor, then you know I only like Superhero movies when they try to keep the storylines at least somewhat feasible and preferably keep it to the planet Earth.  Thankfully, X-Men: First Class does just that. 

What made Magneto such a grouch?  And why can’t Professor X walk?  These questions and much more are answered in this prequel set in the Bay of Pigs era.  The story begins with parallel tales of how Professor X (James McAvoy) became Professor X and Magneto….well Magneto.  Professor X had it easy, and Magneto had it tough.  The first mutants are only first being discovered, and Professor X and Magneto round them up to potentially help America fight the Russians.  Blending the story with the Cuban missile crisis is an interesting spin and makes the storyline slightly more enjoyable.  Here come the Russians, with the Nukes and the mutants are going to help the US prevent any issues.  And the story unfolds from there…

At 132 minutes, the movie definitely drags on and you start lose interest just before the climax pulls you back in.  Outside of McAvoy and Kevin Bacon (playing a Nazi and later a war hungry criminal) the acting is pretty shotty.  But the mutants manage to pull it all together and create a positive addition to family of X-Men movies.  Not the best Superhero movie I’ve ever seen, but at least it wasn’t Thor…

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