Friday, June 24, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: The Tree of Life

In Short:
Planet Earth meets 1950’s Texas in this over the top Palme d’Or winner which is sure to leave audiences confused and/or angry and/or emotionally exhausted


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My Ramblings:
In case you haven’t been able to tell by reading the several reviews I’ve posted, I’m not exactly “artsy”.  I enjoy relatively straightforward movies, and my reviews match the style of the movies I like.  That being said, The Tree of Life is anything but “straightforward”.

The movie centers around a family living in 1950’s Texas.  That’s really about as complicated as the plot gets.  But somehow during the movies 148 minutes the story manages to touch on the meaning of life, faith, heaven, birth, death, evolution, outer space, Sean Penn continuing to be incredibly unlikeable, the role of women in the 1950’s, parenting, sexuality, and even dinosaurs.  And, as usual, I thought Brad Pitt was average at best but most other reviews are hailing it as one of his best performances.  I think it is just cause I can only picture him as Tyler Durdan.

To say this movie is emotionally exhausting is an understatement.  At moments I loved it, and at other moments I was on the verge of walking out.  The cinematography is amazing (which I something I almost never notice) but the heaviness of the plot line just becomes too much and by the end you are just happy it is over.  I have zero doubt that some people will want this to win Best Picture, but I also have zero doubt that at least one person will walk out of the theater while you are watching. 

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