Saturday, June 11, 2011


In Short:
J.J. Abrams continues to prove he is the best sci-fi guy in Hollywood today with this extremely enjoyable throwback monster thriller


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My Ramblings:
J.J. Abrams created Lost; so in other words he has already proven himself a hero.  But his foray into movies has been just as amazing as Lost.  Cloverfield was fresh and creative, Star Trek made me like something I previously found way too weird, and now Super 8 has brought the epic monster thriller back to the summer movie landscape.

The trailer gives you a pretty clear outline of what you get in Super 8, but I’ll give you a quick rundown regardless.  Joe and his buddies are making a zombie movie, and while filming a scene near the tracks they observe a massive train wreck and catch some of the train’s supernatural cargo escaping during the aftermath.  The Air Force swoops in to help clean up the crash, and they attempt to cover up the information on the cargo.  All hell breaks loose in the city and we finally get peak at exactly what was in the train.  Outside of the train cargo, the movie is chalked full of family drama, some young love, and even some humor.

In Super 8, the sci-fi mind of Abrams and the story making genius of Spielberg come together to make for an amazing summer blockbuster.  Even if you aren’t a huge sci-fi fan, the enjoyable plot should hold your interest for the full 111 minutes.  In typical Abrams style, the train cargo isn’t revealed until late in the game, and the mystery only adds to the movie going experience.  Sneak in a diet Mountain Dew and a full bag of Crunchy Jalapeno Cheetos (like I do for every movie), and go see it today on your nearest IMAX or Ultrascreen.

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