Monday, June 27, 2011


In Short:
Diaz and JT are simply not funny in this wannabe-raunchy comedy that gives a couple laughs but overall dissapoints


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My Ramblings:
First of all, I find it very funny that Cameron Diaz’s character in this movie is a gold digger who wants to buy a pair of fake boobs to snag her sugar daddy, and in real life Cameron Diaz is supposedly about to get canned by Alex Rodriguez because…she won’t buy a pair of fake boobs (Softpedia).  The irony is almost enough to make this movie enjoyable, but not quite.

Diaz plays a not-so-likeable school teacher, who is about to leave her teaching position to marry rich and live the good life.  But her money hungry ways prevent her man from saying I Do, and she is forced to continue teaching.  Justin Timberlake comes in to the picture as a rich substitute, and even though I generally enjoy JT he’s a dud in this one.  Diaz tries to put the movies on JT, while the likeable gym teacher (Jason Segel) does the same to Diaz.  The love story unfolds from there… 

You can pretty much see where that plot line is headed, and if you consider that a spoiler, then all I did was save you 92 minutes that could’ve been spent watching 4 episodes of 30 rock.  The movie isn’t all bad though, as Segel’s presence provides a couple laugh-out-load moments.  I do have to admit that my dislike for Diaz may have biased this review, but I recommend you pass on this one or go see Super  8 instead.

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