Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Fascinated Me Today: 15 May 2011

BEST FILMS OF THE ‘00s  - This list has been out for awhile, but still a pretty accurate list of the best films of the past decade.  I don’t have too many qualms with the list except I’d put No Country for Old Men as the distant Number 1 (AV Club)

THE HANGOVER PART IISome new clips from the upcoming comedy.  I badly want it to be as enjoyable as the first, but the previews make it seem like the plan on reusing most of the jokes from the first so I have my doubts (Huffington Post)

ASHTON KUTCHERI can honestly say that I’ve never seen a single episode of Two and a Half Men, but pretty much everyone else in the world has.  Ashton is replacing the Warlock for a cool $900K an episode (TMZ)

SUPER 8 – Spielberg + Abrams + Aliens = No doubter.  This trailer has been out for awhile but I saw it again today at Bridesmaids and was reminded of how bad ass this movie looks (YouTube)

PROJECT NIMUpcoming movie about teaching a chimp to talk, which is supposed to be a commentary on the human experience, but I just want to see it cause I’m a sucker for monkeys (Apple)

THE KILLING If you haven’t been watching this new show on AMC, do yourself a favor and catch up immediately.  Only a couple weeks til the finale and it is one of the more enjoyable shows I’ve seen in the past couple years (CNN)

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