Sunday, May 8, 2011


In Short:
A good man battles through some not so good times in this uplifting family story made all the better by the great performances of Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan


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My Ramblings:
You gotta love when you leave the movie theater feeling far better than you did upon arrival.  Mike Flaherty (Giamatti) is a small time lawyer and high school wrestling coach struggling to keep his family (Amy Ryan as wife) afloat.  His money troubles prompt him to take guardianship of an elderly client, Leo (Pauly from Rocky), for the $1500 monthly check associated with the guardianship.  Despite committing to watch over Leo, he dumps him in an Assisted Living home and continues to pocket the $1500.  While Granps is in the home, his Grandson, Kyle, shows up to live him, attempting to escape his life with his pill-popping Mama.  Mike takes in Kyle and quickly discovers that he is a freak athlete with GSP-esque wrastlin’ skills.  Kyle and Mike begin to bond and everything starts to look up for all those involved.  But how uninteresting would that be?  Kyle’s Mama enters the picture and Mike’s lies start to unravel and the audience is taken along for the ride as Mike tries to keep it all together.

Giamatti and Ryan are amazing as usual, and Jeffrey Tambor (as Mike’s assistant wrestling coach) provides some added humor.  Win Win is an amazing story, and emphasized to me that even the worst of situations can be turned around with some hard work and perseverance (I know that sounds a little fluffy, but see the movie and you’ll feel fluffy too).

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