Sunday, May 15, 2011


In Short:
Thor disappoints with a non-existent nemesis and a shotty storyline in this film filled with an excess of not so pretty CGI


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My Ramblings:
First off I must admit I came into this movie expecting a more real-world based Superhero movie, similar to an Iron Man or a Batman Begins.  What I got was an excess of green screen shots with only occasional scenes containing non-Computer Generate Images .  So my dislike for the movie may have been caused by incorrect assumptions, but, nonetheless, I was very disappointed with both the visuals and the storylines.  Thor tells the basics of the famous Norse God we’ve all heard of.  His King Father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins, who ruins any movie for me cause all I can picture him as is Hannibal Lecter), is aging and looking to name a successor.  Thor and his brother, Loki, are up for the gig, with the more imposing Thor as the favorite.  Odin is about to name a successor, when the realm of Asgard is breached by the Ice Giants.  Thor goes crazy, Dad gets mad at his reaction, and ultimately Thor ends up on Earth wondering what happened.   From there the movie stumbles through the next 90 minutes, with the only thing holding the viewers interest being the lovely Natalie Portman.

Thor’s script leaves much to be desired and I left the theater not even clear who the main “bad-guy” was.  Green screen shots dominate this movie, in a surprising departure from the recent streak of more realistic Superhero action flicks.  I look forward to seeing Thor in “The Avengers”, but my advice is save your $10 for that movie and don’t waste your time with this eye sore.

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