Saturday, May 7, 2011


In Short:
Ghost Face stumbles and bumbles his way through another plethora of victims in Woodsboro for this enjoyable horr-omedy


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My Ramblings:
I’ve been a sucker for the Scream movies since I was a lad so it may be my predisposition for the series that made me enjoy the movie, but, nonetheless, a very enjoyable movie experience.  Sidney returns to Woodboro on her book tour (“Out of the Darkness”, or some lame title similar to that), and brings a new string of murders with her.  Deputy Dewey (now Sherriff Dewey) and Monica Gellar (aka Gale Weathers) are married and she continues to be way too hot for him.  A new set of High School-ers are introduced, one of whom happens to be the cousin of the journeyed heroin Sidney Prescott.  As the youngin’s start getting whacked, a lineup of suspects emerges and Dewey, Gale, and Sid use their questionable detective skills to hunt down the killer.  And so it goes…

The newest Scream has some extra gore, some amazing new death scenes, and the same old twists and turns that have kept us guessing during the previous three murder sprees.  This fourth (and presumably final) film is a perfect blend of comedy and horror, and will be enjoyed by moviegoers who were pleased with Mr. Craven’s past three tales of Ms. Prescott and little old Woodsboro.

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