Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Everything Must Go

In Short:
Will Ferrell hits rock bottom and chugs PBR’s to ease the pain in this yawner which struggles to hold the audience’s interest


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My Ramblings:
Two words: Skip it.  Based on a short story, Everything Must Go begins with Nick (Will Ferrell) getting fired, then getting dumped by his wife, and then coming home to find all his junk sitting on his front lawn (which eventually leads to a yard sale).  He hires a neighborhood kid (who in real life is the son of the late Notorious B.I.G.)  to watch over his stuff while he boozes, goes to get more beer, and then repeats.  He meets a neighbor, whose husband also struggles with the bottle, and their relationship forms the remainder of the flick.  Overall, another failed attempt for Will Ferrell to get serious and ditch the Ron Burgandy persona.

Ferrell is average, and the message of “you have to fall to get back up” never really sets in.  The movie limps along and struggles to keep your interest, or leave any lasting impression.  Skip this snoozer and go see Bridesmaids.

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